January 25, 2022

Welcome to Toys for Blog!

January 25, 2022

BY Sydney

Hi there :)  

I’m Syd, the Sr. Studio Coordinator, and I’m so pumped I get the chance to share my story with you.  I’ve been with TFB since May of 2019 as part of the Operations team, where I help keep things running smoothly for folks at the studio and now while they're working from home! You might know me better as the voice behind the TFB social platforms where I connect with all of you by sharing what makes our studio so special, and I get to throw out a few good dad jokes here and there. 

Working at the studio has been an exciting and unique experience to say the least... I mean, my desk is LITERALLY a boat, we have a Tiki room and a full blown pirate ship that people work in, crows nest and all. Aside from these sweet digs (and the fact that I can bring my dog, Lilo, to work with me), I love that I'm able to work on so many interesting projects all while collaborating with some amazing people. I consider all those I've been lucky enough to call my co-workers as some of the most talented and innovative people I've met. They are constantly supporting each other with their kindness, and it's inspiring to see their creative minds in action! It's truly a treat and something I didn't realize would have such a positive impact on my work.

In the before times, I planned events like our 30th Anniversary Party (complete with a donut wall and custom arcade cabinets), an office dog training class (all of our fluffy friends included) and all of the weekly happy hours we call Klang (snacks and playtesting are always a good combo). These events were awesome because we got to take time out of our busy schedules to experience and celebrate what makes us so unique. When we transitioned to working from home in 2020, I was nervous that we might lose sight of the culture and playful atmosphere that made going to the studio so thrilling. It really is a privilege to look forward to going to work everyday. Looking back now I feel silly, because the support system here is UNMATCHED and I had nothing to fear. We shipped Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time and held a week-long virtual launch party ('twas fire as they said way back in 2020)! We volunteered from home and made door pulls and blankets for Veterans and their service dogs! Klang took on a virtual format and we had everything from a Plant Klang, to a Murder Mystery Klang and even a Pie Klang! We competed for trophies and street cred in the TFB Step Challenge and a Super Smash Bros Tournament (Terry and Steven you da real MVP's). We also started an employee-led group where we discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and practices at the studio level which has been incredibly fulfilling. This all just goes to show how amazing this group of people are, and that a pandemic ain't stoppin' us from working hard and having fun in the process! 

When it comes down to it, we LOVE making games and we love sharing them with you even more. So I’m writing to all of you now because we have some exciting news... We’re starting our own Toys for Bob blog! (Toys for Blog? Bob-log? Ehh… we’ll workshop it!). Check back here to read stories and anecdotes from directly from our devs to you! Read about their work on past titles, their experiences at TFB and basically anything else game related they want to share! 

We see you, we hear you and we want to share our love of games with you. 

Talk to ya soon!


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