March 10, 2022

A Final Boss Soliloquy

March 10, 2022

BY Chris N.

I’d like to tell you a story about boss battles, and my journey at Toys For Bob.

A lot of good stories come out of our cozy studio. And our most treasured stories are the ones with you. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve played some of our games, like Skylanders, Spyro, or Crash Bandicoot. You and I have probably engaged in countless battles against one another. Maybe you grazed Kaos’s doom sharks, or tricked the Chompy Mage into healing you. Perhaps you jumped between Pepper Jack’s burgers, or dodged Wolfgang’s laser light show. Maybe you cursed the difficulty of that final battle against Kaos and his hydra, or the nightmare mode final battle against Traptanium Kaos. 

But you always won.

You always overcame the challenges in front of you. You never gave up, even when everything looked completely unfair, even when you were initially defeated. You came back, and kept on experimenting, learning, and discovering things that worked.You honed your skills and intellect so they’d be sharper the next time you needed to be someone’s hero. Your talent and determination helped your fellow journeyers, and made the world a brighter place. 

That last paragraph wasn’t about video games. When I’m making boss battles, you are always in my mind and in my heart. Unfathomable millions of people play these battles, each with their own challenging circumstances. My empathy for you drives me to create these experiences, even as my eyelids are heavy. This is my own weird way of spending time with you, laughing with you, and cheering for you. I want so much for these experiences to appear difficult, but actually be intensely fair. Maybe you didn’t notice, but the hitboxes on my projectiles are a little smaller than their visage, making them easier to dodge. And likewise, the hitboxes on my projectiles that heal you are slightly bigger, making them easier to collect. This is because I want you to win. I want all your challenges to be fair and surmountable, especially those beyond video games. 

All these years, I have been cheering for you in your most challenging moments.

I still am. We all are.

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