August 15, 2023

Crash Team Rumble Balance Update

August 15, 2023

BY Max C.

Hi everyone! As always we've been keeping a close eye on all the feedback you've been giving us as well as on the data we're collecting from matches. We've taken some time to review all this and are back with another balance update we'd like to share with you.

  1. Scorer Power Charge Rate: In matches, Scorers can get shut out from getting to their bank if they're facing really good Blockers. This makes it harder for them to get access to their Powers, so from now on Scorers will receive more charge for their Power every time they break a crate (+33%).
  2. Blocker and Booster Power Charge Rate: On a related note, we think Blockers and Boosters are using their powers too often. Because of this, we are reducing the amount of power charge that Boosters and Blockers receive when KO’ing an opponent or knocking away Wumpa (-33%).
  3. Bank Barrage and Plasma Turret: These stations are underutilized, so now they'll cost fewer relics to activate (8 -> 6).
  4. Wumpa Bat: The Bat’s been hitting the gym recently and now he can carry more Wumpa than he used to (1000 -> 1500).
  5. Tawna: According to our data, Tawna isn't doing as much damage as other heroes, so we’re increasing her overall damage output (+12.5%).
  6. N. Tropy: Previous changes to Tropy have brought her more in line with the other heroes, but she still gets knocked out less frequently than other blockers. As a result, we are reducing her health by another pip.
  7. Brio Mastery Badge: Brio's mastery badge is too hard! We're changing it so that you can earn the badge just by KO’ing one player on the bank while in Brute form.

That's all for the moment, but if you're a Brio fan who was hoping for some gameplay changes, don't despair! Season 2 will include many changes and quality-of-life improvements for many relic stations and heroes, Brio included. Thanks for playing our game and we'll talk to you again soon!


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