September 27, 2023

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Balance Update

September 27, 2023

BY TFB Design Team

Now that we've started season 2, we’re back with another balance update based on a new set of data fresh out of the oven.

Flytrap Health and Charge Rate: 

In an earlier update, we made a number of changes to buff Flytrap Spitter because it had a rather low win rate, but now Flytrap Spitter is winning a lot! Too much actually, so we're going to remove the previous buff to its health and to its charge rate.

N. Gin Mastery Badge: 

We've noticed that some players are having difficulty earning our favorite flyboy’s mastery badge, so we're going to slightly increase the amount of time you have to knock enemies off of gems, making it a little easier to earn the badge (5 Seconds -> 6 seconds).

Garbage Dump: 

Players using garbage dump aren't performing as well as we'd like, so we're increasing the impact size of its damage region (+10%) and in spots where the power covers a widespread area like banks or open terrain, it'll spawn more garbage than before (+50%).

Placing Powers on Banks: 

We've noticed that fairly often players accidentally place their powers next to banks instead of on top of them. Because of this, we're increasing the range at which powers will prioritize banks as placement locations (50%).

Party Mode XP: 

We are seeing lower XP earned per match than desired, so an initial buff is incoming of about 20-30% additional XP on average. 

Party Mode Badges: 

Party Mode introduced a bunch of new badges and opportunities for players to demonstrate mastery, EXCITING! We plan to make some adjustments, starting with the badges for earning Stars being a bit easier to get the lower tier badges. Stars are challenging to earn, so we want to better acknowledge progress.

As always, thanks for playing the game and we'll talk to you again soon!

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