October 18, 2023

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Balance Update 2

October 18, 2023

BY Toys for Bob Design Team

October is here! We've got a few balance updates to share.

Flytrap Spitter: We have reduced the max alive Spitters per player to 2 (was 3 before). This also comes with a change to how many Spitters a player can charge up, which is also now limited to 2 (was 3). 

Wumpa Bat Relic Station: The amount of Wumpa held by the bat has been lowered to 1250 (was 1500).

Dr. Neo Cortex: Cortex has long been the king of the upper echelons, and his control over the playfield is greater than we intended. Both Transform Shot and Piano Drop are getting cooldown duration increases. Transform Shot increases to a 4-second cooldown (from 3 seconds), while Piano Drop increases to a 3-second cooldown (from 2 seconds).

Ripper Roo: We're happy with Ripper's different playstyles but think they could be more rewarding. We're rolling back some of the delay between Bowling Bomb uses, decreasing it by 0.25 seconds. We're also giving Cannon Launch's impact damage a slight boost, increasing it by half a pip.

Dr. N. Tropy: Tropy once ruled the skies, but after a number of adjustments has fallen beyond where we are comfortable. We are giving her back some of the health she once had, raising her back up to 8 pips of health (from 7 pips).

Dingodile: We are exploring ways of expanding Dingo's skill expression in expert player hands while not increasing his raw combat power. For now, we are giving Vac-Pull a minor damage buff, increasing the damage to half a pip from a quarter of a pip.

Tar Valley: A permanent fix for Tar Valley's Slow Shroom Relic Station is coming with Season 3, but for now, we are disabling the map based on player feedback and the sense that the map does feel off with only the Aku Aku Relic Station.

As always, thanks for playing the game, and keep the feedback coming! You rock!

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