November 08, 2023

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Balance Update 3

November 08, 2023

BY Toys for Bob Design Team

November is here, and brings with it new balance updates!

Coco Nerfs: We like a lot of the things Coco is doing right now, but see that she is performing higher than expected at the highest skill levels. Her Spiral ability is being used more heavily in combat than was anticipated, so we’ve lowered both its damage and ability to trade with other attacks. We have also increased the cooldown on Quantum Wall to reduce its overall up time.
- Coco Spiral damage reduced by 20%
- Coco Spiral damage priority lowered to no longer trade with Dingo Tail Whip (same as Crash Air Dash)
- Coco Quantum Wall cooldown increased to 3.8 seconds from 2.8 seconds

Ripto Health Buff: We’ve heard your feedback and seen the data regarding Ripto, and we agree that he’s not in a good place. We’ve responded by giving him a sizable health boost, as data shows his death rate is out of sync with the other Boosters. We’ll be monitoring his performance closely and evaluating further buffs.
- Ripto health increased to 8 pips from 6 pips

Crash and Dr. N.Gin Buffs: Crash and N.Gin are both performing lower than we’d like and deserve some small buffs. For Crash, we’ve increased the damage of his Air Dash so that it's in-line with Coco’s adjusted Spiral. For N.Gin, we’ve increased the damage of Boombox’s pulse.
- Crash Air Dash damage doubled (same as adjusted Coco Spiral)
- N.Gin Boombox pulse damage doubled

Power Charge Adjustments: Zooming out, we’ve seen consistent data showing Scorers are collectively winning less than other roles, while Boosters are collectively winning more. To help out Scorers, we’ve increased how much Power charge they get from in-game activities. We’ve also reduced how much Power charge Boosters get from interacting with Relic Stations.
- Scorers receive more power charge from Wumpa Denial, Gems Flipped, Gems Captured, Drop-off at Relic Stations, and Completing Relic Station Purchases
- Boosters receive less power charge from Drop-off at Relic Stations and Completing Relic Station Purchases

Spitter Nerf: This update also includes a nerf to the Flytrap Spitter, increasing the time between spits by 20%

Big Bonsai Buff: The Big Bonsai relic station is due for a buff. We're modifying it to have 2 additional stashes collectible when summoned.

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