August 08, 2023


August 08, 2023

BY Stephen R.

Hello again Bandicoots! Executive Producer Steve Ricossa here to bring you a State of the Game update. 

As we wrap another month of Season 1, we hope you enjoyed all the new fun additions to Crash Team Rumble, which included many firsts – the first limited-time mode–Zap Trap, the first new map–Bogged Down, the first round of balance changes, and most recently, the first new power – Sticky TNT. Also, shout out to the Mid-Season update which resolved a pile of community issues ensuring the most solid play experience possible.  With these updates, alongside our weekend events, July had a packed calendar of content! And while players have been jumping in and battling it out, we here at TFB have been talking with you in the community through our social channels, taking in feedback, and working hard to improve the current game and future play experiences.

Now that players have had some time with new characters like Ripper, we wanted to address some long-standing feedback on the balancing of heroes and powers. A handful of nerfs and buffs were deployed, and we’re observing how those changes are playing out in the wild.  True balance requires time and attention from an internal development team and the game team who observe and interact with the community. As we continue to refine the game, we are committed to giving it our time and attention – this will be an ongoing process as we continue to add content as well. 

Approaching this last leg of the season, we have some more exciting things in store! First up we have N.Gin dropping in the coming weeks (Early Release 8/24, Full Launch 9/12), and we’re as eager to get him live as the community is to play him! He’ll be unlockable through an event similar to Ripper’s but with a couple of modest changes based on community feedback - namely having the main reason to show up for the event unlockable on day 1 while encouraging more event participation for the most optimal matchmaking conditions. Aside from the new content, we will be offering a free trial to both the PlayStation and Xbox communities to let people get a first-hand look at what you, the community, have been experiencing and enjoying these last couple of months. More details to come on both of these in the near future.

Speaking of the future, the team has been hard at work on Season 2 for quite some time. In our conversations with you in the community, the number one requested update was “modes” – more ways to play and engage with this game, the heroes, and the powers. More details to come, but I’ll give you a sneak peek of two of our marquee features for Season 2. Are you ready to party? I hope so because we will be releasing a four-player cooperative mode called Party Mode, plus we’ll be introducing a plethora of cycling experimental modes via a feature we call TFB Labs. Again, this is incredibly exciting and there will be a lot more to talk about in the near future – stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in-game!

Steve Ricossa

Executive Producer

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