July 10, 2023

Season 1 Balance Update

July 10, 2023

BY Toby S.

Hello Crash Team Rumble players, Toby here, Design Director at Toys for Bob. I’m writing this blog to share with you details about Crash Team Rumble’s first game balance update (live today!).

First off, thanks for playing –  it’s been a wild three weeks since launch.  We’ve been working on the game for some time and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see the Crash community battling it out in the race to 2000 Wumpa fruit.  On the hero team specifically, we’re happy to see that each hero has a devoted set of fans.  The last few days have been particularly exciting with the appearance of…a wild Ripper Roo.  Fellow Designer, Max has also enjoyed watching you get your hands on the bouncy, bomb-rolling, cannon-launching Roo sharing:

"The most fun part to me is seeing players already figuring out how to make the most of Ripper's frantic, explosive movements. Seeing someone panic to get back onto stage with a quick cannon launch is always exciting to see.  Ripper also has some hidden interactions with some of the Relic Stations. Did you know you can jump during Cannon Launch if you're wearing Ika-Ika? We're excited to see who can dig up the other secret strategies first!"

Now, let’s talk about game balance.  You can trust that we’ve been soaking up your observations and opinions on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter.  Thank you for keeping it civil and respectful!  Your feedback is immensely valuable and insightful.  In addition to that direct feedback from you, we also have Jesse and Brian from our Design team, here pouring over the data from your actual matches to see, for example, how strong “Greg” - the Gasmoxian Guard actually is.  Too strong?  Read on.

Today’s update contains the following adjustments.  We know that these do not cover all the valid concerns you’ve raised, but trust that we are continuing to work hard to address bugs and other game imbalances in the very near future.  In some cases (like N.Brio), what’s needed for high-level play balancing is different from balancing for new players, but we are pursuing good solutions in these cases.

1.) Doctor Nefarious Tropy, AKA N.Tropy.  Nefarious hardly covers it.  She’s incredibly mobile and is highly effective at knocking foes back.  Her win rate is statistically higher than intended, therefore her health has been reduced (-11%).  It’s possible we’ll have more changes for her soon.

2.) Tawna.  She’s also highly mobile, has lightning fast kicks, and that hook can punish when in the right hands.  Win rate has been a little low compared to other scorers, so we’ve increased her health (+17%).

3.) Flytrap Spitter.  Flytraps have a long history in the franchise.  We love them, and they’ve been underperforming, so they also get a health increase (+33%).

4.) Gasmoxian Guard.  You told us in the recent Twitter poll: Gasmoxes are the Power you find trickiest to deal with, so we’ve shortened their lifespan (-17%).

5.) Bots.  We know this is one of your top concerns and we have lots in the works.  Today’s update represents an increase in what we’ll call Wumpa collection efficiency.  More coming soon – we appreciate your patience.

Outside of the changes above, here’s a partial list of other items on our radar:

  • Cortex transformation duration

  • Catbat divebomb recovery time

  • N.Brio brute transform interruption conditions

  • N.Tropy tether cooldown

  • Ripper Roo bomb spawn rate

  • Overall Blocker role strength

  • That blasted wall!

  • Many bot improvements.

Thank you all again for playing.  We look forward to continuing to hear your voices online and engaging with you as the game evolves.  We have some exciting things in the works that we can’t share just yet – but stay tuned!

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