September 12, 2023

Season 2: Crash Team Rumble Patch Notes

September 12, 2023

BY Toys for Bob

Party Mode Added!

  • Try this new persistent playlist at any time. Party Mode is a four-player cooperative gameplay where your team works together to complete progressively challenging activities and boss battles.
  • At the start of Season 2, there are four unique match types: Speed Run, What's Cookin'? Dig It! and Get Lit
  • This mode includes a plethora of new badges, a new challenge for every hero, and will be featured in several special events during the season

TFB Labs Added!

  • Each weekend during Season 2 will feature a new, experimental limited-time mode (playlist).  We are excited for you to try them out!
  • TFB Labs modes are works-in-progress; we look forward to your feedback

Additional Mode Updates

  • Two new weekend LTM's will be released during Season 2: 3v3 and Wump-a-Rama
  • Zap Trap now includes a 5-second grace period from start areas where players cannot be KO'd by enemy tethers

New Hero: Ripto

  • The sorcerer extraordinaire, Ripto, is coming in Season 2!

Additional Hero Updates

  • N. Gin is now available for all players to unlock (if they did not do so during the early access event)
  • Added strafe mode to all characters (hold L2).  Note that some abilities cancel strafe.
  • General improvements to prevent characters from getting stuck while moving along walls
  • Bouncing and other special locomotion behaviors should fail less (most frequently seen with the Bounce Crate power and air vents in various levels)
  • Improvements made to prevent characters from bouncing on crates while in the middle of an attack (for example, the Crash Bandicoot spin attack)
  • Visual fixes for characters wearing hats when they die to electricity, disintegration, and charring
  • Catbat
    • Melee combo adjusted to have less time between restarting. Damage adjusted to compensate.
    • Divebomb recovery adjusted to be slightly longer if Catbat does not hit an enemy directly with the attack
    • Burgers now consistently damage N. Brio Slimes and are now properly scaled when in Spirit Guardian form
  • Cortex 
    • Transform Shot adjusted to have a longer cooldown and a reduced duration for how long enemies are in animal form
    • Piano Drop fixed for situations where the cooldown did not start properly
    • Emote Spotted should now play properly
  • Coco
    • The colors on Coco's wall have been made more opaque in order to increase their visibility
  • N.Brio 
    • In strafe mode, N.Brio can control the arc of slime potions with the right stick.
    • Brute transformation cooldown reduced and is no longer interrupted by bouncing
    • Brute taking damage should now be clearer to understand
    • Brute attacks improved to consistently deal damage
    • Retains Lani Loli's invisibility until completing the potion drink animation when attempting to transform
    • N. Brio will no longer be able to have Akano active while in Brute form
    • Slime Monsters now break crates on touch and will now more reliably bounce N. Brio on collision
  • N. Gin 
    • Boombox spawning should be more reliable
  • N. Tropy 
    • Time Tether will now cancel Melee Combo, use a cooldown icon, and now visually explode when colliding with enemy spawn area blockers
    • Gravity Slam now allows for the camera to be aimed further down
  • Ripper Roo 
    • Bomb ability increased damage, increased time between bomb spawns, fixed to prevent failed activations
    • Bomb improved to prevent bad interactions with Relic Stations
    • Bounce animations and sounds should now more consistently play
  • Tawna
    • Tawna's Hookshot reliability improved

New Power: Minefield

  • Watch out! Minefield is exploding onto the scene in Season 2!

Additional Power Updates

  • For each power, there is now a maximum number of placed powers that a player can have in the world at one time
  • Flytrap Spitter can now damage enemies that are very close range
  • Flytrap Spitter charges faster

New Map: Waste Deep

  • All the goo in the world travels through here, deep in the sewers under Cortex Castle.
  • This map features three new Relic Stations: Smog Surge, Blob Bomber, and Shrink Ray

New Map: Jazz Junction

  • The bayou docks are best known for their bopping jazzy nighttime beats.
  • This map features two new Relic Stations: Mask-querade and Blues Beatdown

Additional Map Updates

  • Relics have been adjusted to become available more slowly in the maps Bogged Down and Surreal Summit
  • Relics that can be doubled for boosters are now capped after the first 2 minutes of play (matches will see fewer relic locations doubled as a result)
  • Relics that can be doubled for boosters are less clumped together in the map Rusted Refinery
  • Relics that can be doubled for boosters are less common in the map N. Sanity Caverns
  • Crate locations in Tiki Towers have been adjusted to better account for the map asymmetry
  • Air vents are now more reliable at lifting players who enter them, including players in Spirit Guardian form
  • Relic Stations that 'attach' to players have had multiple fixes to ensure their damage regions more reliably over the network
  • Relic Stations can no longer refresh times on 'attach' stations (Beachball, Akano, Lani-Loli, etc.); players must wait until their current timer expires
  • Relic Stations with HP now are more reliable between server and client (Plasma Turret, Wumpa Bat, Aku Aku, etc.)
  • Relic Stations will now damage placed powers such as the Gasmoxian Guard (Flame trap, bombardment, UFO, etc.)
  • Flame Traps deal 2x more damage
  • Bandicootapults now prevent jumping for a short duration after a player is launched
  • Dragons in Surreal Summit deal damage more reliably and have been enhanced with a second dragon at each bank
  • Aku Crate collision handling is improved to prevent players from getting stuck under certain conditions
  • Lani Loli now grants the user a speed boost and also grants a 10% damage-taken reduction buff
  • Explosive Jump damage region and VFX are now consistently in the same place
  • Akano movement physics adjusted to feel more consistent with Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (more slippery and harder to control)
  • Akano VFX should now consistently display for enemies

Battlepass Updates

  • The Season 2 Battlepass is teeming with new cosmetics for your heroes and profile!
  • Progression is now overall faster
  • The first 30 level-ups are now based on a curve rather than a flat XP requirement (1000, 1500, 2000, etc.)
  • The remaining level-ups require 8000 XP each (reduced from 9000 XP in Season 1)
  • Players can now choose to purchase Battlepass Tier Skips


  • The announcer now calls out epic Relic Station availability
  • Added the ability to change the main menu music to whatever custom music you have selected

User Interface

  • Post Match Results can now be skipped entirely by pressing the right face button after reaching the scoreboard
  • A crown now appears next to the top performer on the scoreboard 


  • Resolved an issue where bots would never attempt to bank again after a Force Field was activated on Calamity Canyon
  • Bots are now harder to provoke into combat but will stay in combat for longer
  • Bots now purposefully do "combo" moves such as super slams or Coco Air Spiral in combat
  • Bots now will attempt to interrupt an enemy's attacks with slide or air spiral


  • Tiered challenges in the Game Guide now display their requirement amounts
  • Added new core badges for KO Assist and Relic Assist
  • KO Assist is awarded to players who significantly help KO enemies (but do not get the final killing blow)
  • Relic Assist is awarded to players who significantly contribute relics to Relic Station

Known Issue

  • The L1 and L2 buttons on PS5 are mapped to the same button after Season 2 is launched.

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