September 14, 2023

Season 2 Rollout Details: New Hero, Powers and Maps!

September 14, 2023

BY Stephen R.

Hello, Bandicoots! Welcome to Season 2 of Crash Team Rumble, I hope you’re all ready to party! Party Mode that is.

At launch, we have a bunch of exciting features dropping – new ways to play the game and a new hero – but the action doesn’t stop there. We’ve heard the community’s feedback about new ways to play the game and use the heroes, powers, and impressive skills you’ve developed over the run of Season 1. The team took that feedback to heart and has been working tirelessly to ensure we jam-packed Season 2. I’ve spent enough time teeing up what’s coming, let’s jump in and see what we’ve got in store for Season 2!

First off we have the reason for the season…Party Mode! This is a four-player cooperative mode where your team is vying to maximize their star score across 4 rounds and a boss fight in 4 unique modes which all play differently. 

  • There’s Just Cookin’ where you’re tasked with finding ingredients around the map, tossing specific ones into different cook pots with the hopes of facing off against a Wumpa Bat in the final boss round.

  • Speed Run has you racing around a track, through gates, AND against a clock to eventually fight Aku Aku in a boss fight race!

  • Get Lit has your team trying to light every lantern available across a map with giant lit candles, and if you can get the job done you’re rewarded with a dragon-themed boss fight.

  • Finally, there’s Dig It! which has you in a fast-paced, hot and cold game finding and collecting fossils to complete skeletons in the middle of the map. Complete the skeletons and you’ll be greeted by a T-Rex Boss fight at the end!

To play this awesome new mode, simply go to the matchmaking screen at launch and you’ll see a new icon to select, Party Mode! You can queue right up and get into a game, and once you finish a round type you’ll be able to just keep rolling through the available modes randomly as you work to progress farther and perform better.

Right at the top you’ve got our big events. 

  • Party Mode’s launch will have a celebration event tie-in that’s packed with party-themed cosmetics and acts as a mini guide for everything you can do in this all-new mode. 

  • Next up we have two week-long events filled with rewards to introduce two brand new maps and all of their unique relic stations. 

  • Party Mode will have a special weekend event to introduce a brand-new round type to the mode in Bounce Balloons – which will remain even after the event ends. 

  • Fill your plastic pumpkins to bursting with unique Halloween-themed cosmetics, and of course, Ripto for a two-week-long Halloween Event!

  • Ripto will be the newest and first hero added to the roster from a completely different universe. Get ready because Ripto has an impressive suite of abilities.

  • Last but not least we have our brand new power, Mine Field. Mine Field is for those moments when you absolutely, positively need to protect something on the map. 

All of these provide so many new ways to engage with the game through unique rewards, but what about engaging with the game in new ways through play?

And now something all-new from the minds at Toys For Bob – we’re pleased to introduce TFB Labs, an idea born directly from your feedback through a variety of social channels. You wanted more modes, more ways to play, and more things to do – we’ve got you covered! In addition to Party Mode, every weekend there is not a Limited Time Mode (LTM) running, we will be dropping a new mode that cycles onto the matchmaking screen from TFB Labs. We rapidly iterated internally to provide ten new mode types with the goal of delivering as many modes with as much breadth as possible in the complexity of the modes. There will be brand new full game types like Capture the Flag and others that are interesting twists on the classic competitive mode, like Bank Swap where the team's banks swap spots every minute…or less. We are so excited to have the community dive in and look forward to collecting even more feedback about these modes, ideas on possible modes, and of course for you to have an incredible time playing! While all of these modes will be cycling throughout the season, we still have a similar lineup of weekend events dropping too!

Then we have Weekend Events and Modes, an exciting way to earn new rewards, level up your heroes, or have some sort of new and unique way to play. This season we have four new LTMs and LTEs coming including Team Takedown, 3v3 Competitive, Wump-A-Rama, and Boss Beatdown, along with Zap Trap making another appearance with new rewards. Sprinkled between those LTMs and LTEs we’ll have some double XP weekends to help you keep that hero progress rolling.

As you can see from the calendar, Season 2 is absolutely bursting at the seams with new and unique ways to play every single weekend. There’s never been a better time to dive into Crash Team Rumble and enjoy such an incredible breadth of experiences.

Thanks and I’ll see you in game!

Steve Ricossa

Executive Producer

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