May 23, 2023

Delving into the Depths of N. Sanity Caverns

May 23, 2023

BY Kenny L.

Now that Closed Beta has concluded and we are nearing the launch of the N.SANELY fun Crash Team Rumble, we are incredibly excited to give you a deeper dive into some of the content available at launch! Players who got a chance to rumble during our Closed Beta will know that every map has unique Relic Stations that drastically change the way you approach a match. We'll be giving you a deep look at the new maps available at launch, along with some tips on how to best utilize the Relic Stations to your advantage!

It’s time to return to the mysterious caves of N. Sanity Peak! N. Sanity Caverns is the most dangerous map we’ve revealed to date, which features secrets to uncover, and tricky ways to outsmart and outplay your opponents! You might even recognize a familiar mask that can lend a hand to your team in the heat of battle.

The action takes place in a wide open cavern, giving clear lines of sight across the entire map. Both teams will want to take note of the cluster of Gem Pads floating high up near the center of the cavern. Not only does controlling this area of the map boost your team’s score, but it’s an excellent vantage point to launch an offensive on unsuspecting enemies down below. Players can climb their way up to access these valuable gems, but wind geysers on the ground level provide a much quicker route to the action! These gems are hotly contested in every match, but also are placed on small and narrow platforms, making it a tricky area to fight in without falling off. Try and knock your opponents away to buy enough time to capture the boost for your team!

Nearby you’ll find the Relic Station for this map, it’s the return of Lani Loli! In Crash Team Rumble, the Quantum Masks return to provide valuable buffs to your team. Simply deliver enough relics, and Lani Loli will grant you (and any teammates who walk over the Relic Station) temporary invisibility. This provides a serious tactical advantage, letting you sneak up and get the drop on your opponents before they even know what hit them! Attacking the enemy or using your hero’s abilities will break the invisibility, letting the enemy know your position. Strategy is key here when deciding when to launch your attack. Finally, there’s the Epic Relic Station, the dreaded Spirit Guardians. Activating this Relic Station instantly transforms your entire team into massive Spirit Guardian versions of themselves! The enemy will be on the run as your health, size, and knockback resistance are all boosted in this form. Use it to turn the tables on your opponents, or secure a huge lead while the buff is active. The buff even applies to your hero abilities as well! For example, Coco’s Quantum Wall becomes super-sized, letting her block off an even bigger area. Thought Cortex’s Piano Drop was scary before? Just wait until you see it when he’s a Spirit Guardian! You can even combine the Relic Station abilities together, becoming a terrifying Invisible Spirit Guardian.

We can’t wait to see how players use these abilities together to create fun, sneaky, and clever strategies to get the “W” over their opponents! Between the heroes, powers, and Relic Stations available, there’s so much room for crafting your own unique approach when the game launches on June 20th. We look forward to seeing how crafty and strategic you get utilizing those Relic Powers.


Expect more map reveals and deep dives in the near future!

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