June 30, 2023

Season 1 Rollout Details: New Heroes, Powers, and Maps!

June 30, 2023

BY Paul Yan

Crash Team Rumble is now LIVE and available for purchase!! We, at Toys for Bob, are so excited to see players from all over the world rumbling in the most epic pursuit of fruit. We've been awestruck by the creative strategies that are already emerging and tip our hats to some of the fashion choices rocked out on the field!

Today, I'd like to more specifically share with you how Season 1 content will roll out - starting with a brand new, highly-anticipated hero: RIPPER ROO! This will be the first time we've ever experienced the big blue kangaroo as a fully playable, platforming character and he adds a completely different style of control – wild, out of control, but dangerous! With his giant feet, Ripper is able to kick his opponents and bounce around the map with extraordinary heights. Ripper gets around quickly and can summon a cannon to launch across the map to be an effective BLOCKER at multiple sites. He can also launch explosive bowling bombs or roll around on them like the world's most dangerous circus clown. I can't wait to see how you utilize him on your teams! Ripper Roo will first debut on Thursday, July 6th at 8 am PT.

I say "first debut" because Heroes (and Powers) in Crash Team Rumble will debut in two phases: 1) Early Access and 2) Full Release. On July 6th, a new Event will appear on the game's main screen called "Ripper's Lost It!". Lost what? Well, his marbles of course! During this weeklong event, if you can find and collect the in-world marbles scattered across the maps, you will earn exclusive rewards themed and tailored for Ripper Roo. If you collect enough marbles, you will unlock Early Access to Ripper Roo and you’ll be able to play as him from here on out! (And if you go above and beyond, you can unlock unique challenges and skins for Ripper - including my personal favorite, the “Professor” skin!)

If, for some reason, you missed the event or were unable to recover enough of Ripper's marbles before the event ends, fear not - Ripper will be made available to ALL players just two weeks after the event concludes and can be unlocked simply by completing a challenge from that point on. This way, players who showed up for the Early Access event are awarded a brief window of exclusivity AND we keep the game fair and make all gameplay-related content available to unlock simply by playing the game. I repeat: Ripper Roo is NOT for sale!

On Thursday, July 20th at 8 am PT, we'll be debuting a brand new swampy map called BOGGED DOWN.  I don't want to give away too much about this new map and its unique Relic Stations, but expect it to mix up your approach to Wumpa Victory! New maps will be made instantly available to all players upon release. To celebrate its debut, we'll be running a new event called "Bogged Down" where you'll encounter a variety of collectible fish scattered across all maps. Collecting these fish will earn you fun, exclusive cosmetic rewards.

A lot's been said, so let's recap the above:

  • New Heroes and Powers are unlockable via play. They will first debut in Early Access events and then a few weeks later for Full Release

  • New Maps will be instantly available to all players on release along with a unique event with fun prizes

  • Here's a more detailed breakdown of the calendar:

Lots of excitement heading your way, until next time - that’s all folks!


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