January 23, 2024

Crash Team Rumble Season 3 Balance Update 2

January 23, 2024

BY Toys for Bob Design Team

2024 has arrived! We've got a few balance updates, see below!

Wumpa Whale: We are lowering the relic cost to activate the Whale to 40 (was 50). In a world of ducks and whales, we just need a bit more whale!

What's Juicin': We are decreasing the number of hits it takes to defeat Louise, which should make this boss wave a bit easier to complete. Expert players might not notice as much of a difference, but this change should help players who are struggling to hit shots while also collecting clocks.

Gulp: We are increasing damage on Gulp's attacks by 33% to give the big one some extra potency.

Ripto: Since his release Ripto has had one of the lowest win-rates in the game. We previously made a small health change, but it's clear that his damage output is lagging behind other Boosters (especially at the highest levels of play). To address that, we've given Ripto damage increases across the board and also sped up the cooldowns of his two big moves: Tsunami and Call Lightning. We look forward to seeing if this provides more opportunities to pull off the Tsunami + Lightning combo.

  • Fireball 20% damage increase
  • Tsunami 15% damage increase per hit
  • Tsunami 17% cooldown reduction, down to 1 second
  • Call Lightning 25% impact damage increase
  • Call Lightning 15% impact size increase
  • Call Lightning 20% cooldown reduction, down to 2 seconds

Spyro: He came out of the gate Charging, and has never stopped, out banking all other Scorers by a sizable margin (leading to a win rate higher than desired). To offset this we've reduced his overall wumpa capacity so that players will need to make a few more speedy trips to the bank before seizing that victory.

  • Wumpa Capacity reduced by 20%, down to 100

Dr. N.Tropy: We've heard your feedback on N.Tropy and feel that with a larger ecosystem of available heroes we can safely bring some of her former glory back. We're rolling back a set of damage nerfs to her staff melee combo and her tethers (a 15% swing in both cases).

  • Melee Combo 15% damage increase
  • Time Tether 15% damage increase

Elora: We are looking closely at Elora with an eye to future adjustments. For now, we are focusing on improving her as a Blocker. We are buffing her Tornado and Kick attacks, with the highest buff going to her Flash Kick. Previously the fully charged Tornado and Flash Kick did about the same damage, but we want players to take the risk of close combat by increasing the reward for pulling off a Flash Kick. Yes, it is difficult to connect, but with the ability to engage or disengage with Cartwheel Kick, and the potential to follow up a Flash Kick with a quick finishing Tornado or a hovering Heal Aura, there is a lot of versatility in her kit that we want to encourage players to explore.

  • Tornado damage increase at all charge levels
    • Level 1 - 13% damage increase
    • Level 2 - 16% damage increase
    • Level 3 - 21% damage increase
    • Level 4 - 6% damage increase
  • Cartwheel Kick 20% damage increase
  • Flash Kick 26% damage increase

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