We Are

Toys for Bob is a collaborative team of stellar individuals that have inspired love, joy, and laughter through epic AAA entertainment for more than 30 years. Our passion for developing award-winning games with diverse genres includes the Crash Bandicoot®, Call of Duty®, Overwatch®, Spyro®, Skylanders®, and Tony Hawk® franchises. We are constantly evolving and support our growing employees to be as innovative as they can be. Toys for Bob’s experienced developers are looking for creative individuals ready to take on exciting and new projects. If you love games, we'd love for you to be part of our growing team. Our studio is open to remote work! Join us!

Avery Lodato

Studio Head

Paul Yan

Studio Head

Our Mission

We aspire to be a collaborative, intimate team full of stellar individuals who inspire love, joy, and laughter through epic AAA entertainment.

Our Values

Our values directly inform criteria for hiring, promotions and rewards. We all aspire to be...

  • Proactive

    You seek out problems to solve and do not wait to be ordained.

  • Bold

    You take ambitious, but smart risks. You deliberately move outside of your comfort zone.

  • Inspired

    You have an insatiable appetite for improvement and learning new techniques, tools, and skills.

  • Impactful

    You consistently accomplish a large quantity of high-quality work, focusing effort where it counts most.

  • Collaborative

    You work to eradicate toxicity and nurture an environment of psychological safety.

Our Culture

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